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admin console

Admin console for service providers

  • Administer & supervise multiple customers & their access to and from various sectors.
  • Let admin assign individual access rights to the user & their devices/device group to perform both user management & device management tasks easily.
  • Admin can enable/Disable Tenants' Devices in case of necessity.
  • Deploy Rules for Tenants.
User Hierarchy

User Hierarchy & roles

  • Control users by assigning what they can and cannot access or view in the device management portal.
  • Set license limits and monitor your customers' usage & allowances of the MQTT platform & also device errors.
  • Let customers manage their devices & device data.

Bring Customers on board

  • Assign individual Authentication keys & tokens to the customers' to ensure only trusted customer is allowed to access & connect devices.
  • Disable/Enable, or Inactivate the Auth keys and tokens from the management portal as needed.
  • Monitor & control customer’s devices/device grouping by imposing restrictions for each customer for accessing their devices
  • Provide access to their customers to log in and view only the created dashboards & widgets.

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Monitor & control your customers' devices

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