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Empowering Pharmaceutical Efficiency

Leveraging our MQTT solutions, pharmaceutical companies can gather crucial data, enhancing safety protocols, boosting productivity, and optimizing operational efficiency throughout their pharmaceutical processes. With essential connectivity and robust data management, our solution becomes a cornerstone for elevating standards, ensuring compliance, and driving innovation within the pharmaceutical industry.

Why choose Bevywise MQTT Solutions in Pharma sector?

The Bevywise MQTT solutions emerge as an optimal solution, equipped with a tailored suite of features and functionalities that precisely target and resolve the industry's distinct challenges.

Robust Data Security

Designed to safeguard sensitive pharmaceutical data, it minimizes the risks of breaches, ensuring confidentiality and protection against unauthorized access.

Seamless Device Integration

Enables effortless connectivity, allowing pharmaceutical companies to gather, monitor, and manage data from various devices in real-time.

Scalability and Reliability

Ensures consistent performance, minimal downtime, and the flexibility to accommodate growing needs seamlessly.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Analytics and real-time monitoring empower proactive issue resolution, optimizing workflows and enhancing productivity for streamlined operations in companies.


Shan Lin Chin

"The team at Bevywise Networks is IoT domain and technology experts. Their expertise helped us converge on our implementation much easier and faster. We would be happy to recommend Bevywise for any IoT Implementation."

- Shan Lin Chin, eFon Technology, Taiwan.

How our Bevywise MQTT broker
drives efficiency in Pharma?

environmental monitoring

Temperature and Environmental Monitoring

Facilitates real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive areas and equipment, ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations. By leveraging IoT devices connected to the Bevywise MQTT broker, pharmaceutical companies can proactively manage and maintain optimal conditions, preventing spoilage, and ensuring the efficacy of sensitive medications.

equipment performance

Equipment Performance and Maintenance

Connected sensors and devices gather operational data from various machinery. Through the broker's capabilities, this data is continuously transmitted and analyzed in real-time. Any deviations or anomalies in equipment performance trigger alerts, enabling timely interventions or predictive maintenance measures. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, extends equipment lifespan, and ensures consistent production quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

inventory control

Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control

Facilitates end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. It enables real-time tracking of pharmaceutical products, monitors inventory levels, and ensures efficient logistics. This ensures timely restocking, minimizes wastage, and helps prevent stock outs, allowing pharmaceutical companies to optimize their supply chain operations for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Compliance

With its capability for remote access and monitoring, our MQTT broker allows pharmaceutical companies to oversee operations across multiple locations from a centralized platform. This facilitates real-time compliance monitoring, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and protocols. The broker's secure data transmission and storage capabilities also play a vital role in maintaining compliance by securely managing sensitive pharmaceutical data across distributed facilities while meeting regulatory requirements.


Curious about how our MQTT solutions can propel your advancement?

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