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MQTT Sparkplug B

MQTT Sparkplug B, in simple terms, is a specialized implementation designed over the MQTT protocol to make communication in the world of Industry 4.0 more efficient and standardized. Built upon the popular MQTT protocol, Sparkplug B introduces a common language for devices and applications to talk to each other seamlessly. One standout feature is its use of a "topic namespace", a predefined structure that organizes and categorizes the data being exchanged. This structured approach simplifies communication, making it easier for different devices and systems to understand and
work with the shared information.

Why choose Bevywise for
MQTT Sparkplug B?

Our MQTT Platform has leveled up by now supporting data and messages from Sparkplug-enabled devices. This means a seamless integration for a variety of industrial IoT applications, ensuring that devices using the Sparkplug protocol can effortlessly communicate through our MQTT Platform. This support not only enhances the versatility of the platform but also brings about improved connectivity and data exchange capabilities within Industry 4.0 ecosystems. With this upgrade, users can experience a more streamlined and efficient communication process, unlocking the full potential of their Sparkplug-enabled devices for a smarter and more interconnected industrial future.

Elevating industrial IoT architecture with Sparkplug

In the realm of Industrial IoT architecture using Bevywise MQTT Platform, the integration with MQTT Sparkplug enhances capabilities such as a structured MQTT topic namespace, data model, extensible process variable payload, and MQTT state management. Within this framework, our MQTT Platform serves as the central hub, gathering data from Sparkplug-enabled devices, sensors, and systems. The platform facilitates bidirectional data sharing with IT systems and various applications.

Elevating industrial IoT architecture with Sparkplug

Powering industrial IoT with
Sparkplug compliance

In response to the growing demands of industrial IoT communication, our MQTT Platform aligns itself seamlessly with Sparkplug compliance. Offering a robust MQTT platform, Bevywise provides essential capabilities:

MQTT Compliance

MQTT Compliance

Fully compatible with the MQTT version 3.1.1 protocol, guaranteeing compatibility and seamless integration with MQTT-enabled devices and applications. Notably, our platform excels in its support for Quality of Service (QoS) levels, offering a comprehensive range including QoS 0 (At most once), QoS 1 (At least once), and QoS 2 (Exactly once). This ensures a robust and reliable message delivery mechanism, catering to diverse communication requirements within the MQTT ecosystem.

Reliable & Scalable

Reliable and Scalable

Built for reliability, the platform scales effortlessly to meet the needs of business-critical systems. The inclusion of features such as retained messages ensures the persistence of crucial data, allowing devices to receive the latest information upon connection. Moreover, the implementation of the Last Will & Testament adds an extra layer of reliability by enabling the broker to broadcast a predefined message if an unexpected disconnection occurs.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Provides unparalleled flexibility in deployment, allowing users to tailor their setup based on specific needs. Whether opting for an on-premise solution, harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud services, or choosing the hassle-free Bevywise MQTT Cloud, users have the freedom to select the deployment model that aligns perfectly with their requirements. This adaptability ensures not only optimal performance but also a seamless integration process.

Real-time communication

Real-time Communication

The real-time communication capability of our platform is facilitated through its publish-subscribe model. This dynamic framework empowers devices and applications to subscribe to relevant MQTT topics, guaranteeing swift access to timely updates as events unfold. The platform's streamlined approach ensures a responsive and seamless communication flow, fostering quick and efficient exchange of information across the MQTT network.

Data Decryption

Enhanced Data Decryption

The newly added distinctive capability of our MQTT Platform seamlessly decrypts data collected from IIoT devices, presenting it in an easily understandable format for enhanced insights while ensuring all valuable information is readily available for visualization. Forget the hassle of depending on host server applications for message decoding—our platform supports protobuf, streamlining communication by significantly reducing data size during transmission.

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