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material movement

Material Movement

  • Using our MES software, which also functions as an inventory tracking system, manufacturers can easily see their current inventory and track the movement of materials through different production stages in real-time.
  • Streamlining the material flow which prevents stockouts, reduces excess inventory, and ensures efficient supply chain management.
availability & alarms

Availability & Alarms

  • Comprehensive visibility into the status and availability of raw materials at the inventory level and each phase of the production line.
  • Aware of material requests from departments by sending an alert or alarm to relevant stakeholders such as inventory managers or procurement team.
material product relation

Material Product Relation

  • Seamless mapping of raw materials with corresponding end products to establish a clear and comprehensive connection between both.
  • Pre-configure the relationship between material and end product to ensure stringent control over resource allocation and utilization.
vendors & customers

Vendors & Customers

  • Centralize the vendor and customer information to get a more integrated and efficient inventory management.
  • Onboard and manage vendors to ensure seamless collaboration and timely procurement of raw materials.
  • Bring in customer details as well to build stronger relationships and deliver exceptional service to them avoiding delayed shipment of goods.

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